From Carbon Accounting To Carbon Reduction

Transforming Your Sustainability Goals Into Reality


We work with clients of all sizes and offer flexible pricing options to suit their budgets.


Instead of cookie-cutter packages, we provide customized solutions that conform to our client’s specific needs.


To provide clients with accurate and complete solutions, we stay up to date on the latest sustainability standards, frameworks and regulations.

Are You Ready for RFIs?

  • Many SMEs are getting requests for information (RFIs) from clients on sustainability related topics.

  • RFIs usually come from corporations and government bodies (like the federal government) looking to reduce their Scope 3 emissions.

  • RFIs require disclosures on carbon accounting, certifications, carbon reduction targets and sustainability strategies.

  • If you are a federal contractor or a supply chain partner of any large corporation, you will be asked to account for, report and reduce your carbon footprint.

Why You Should Have Sustainability

  • By adopting meaningful sustainability efforts, you are positioning your organization to:

  • Maximize energy efficiency and minimize long-term costs;

  • Identify climate related risks and adopt resiliency measures;

  • Act on value creation opportunities;

  • Stay ahead of the competition; and,

  • Attract and retain a motivated workforce.

How We Can Help

  • Our goal is to help organizations adopt true and effective sustainability measures. To that end, we offer a wide range of services to our clients:

  • Carbon Accounting: Measure direct and indirect emissions;

  • Data Analysis: Analyze emissions across facilities and operations;

  • Targets: Set science based short-term & long-term targets to reduce emissions;

  • Strategies: Propose solution pathways to attaining targets;

  • Reporting & Certifications: RFIs, disclosures in accordance with prominent frameworks and certifications such as CDP.

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